Monday, 27 June 2016

Weekly Dev Report. Week 1!

printf("Hello World!");

My first post, my first weekly report, my first big plan.

This blog is here to share my lovely experiences with C++, game programming, and anything else I may come across useful for programmers. I'll be posting a few snippets of code here and there, to show troubles, workarounds, and maybe thoughts about my project(s).
I'll be discussing pretty much anything that comes to mind, any research, anything really.
Another big thing I'll be doing every week is showing screenshots and posting what I've done within that week. 

So, enough introductions, let's get to it!

What's the biggest thing that stops a lot of people from doing anything? I'd have to say, at least for me personally, is motivation, or rather, the lack of. So how do we fix this problem? 
Well, I'm trying to do exactly that right now! By writing posts, tweeting (something the outside birds are having no problem doing right now), and writing a rather lengthy todo list.
Just a word of warning though, the todo list, don't make it too lengthy, or else you'll just see a huge mess of writing and you'll probably end up thinking "How am I supposed to do ALL of this?!" For me, I just wrote a small-ish part of the project, and then made sub-tasks for that part. In my case, for my currently unnamed game, I just wrote down "Make ship editor" That's it. That's all. My game, for the current time, will be a spaceship editor. You can't fly it, you can't shoot it's guns, you can just walk and build onto it, and delete things off. Oh and save and load it (those are important aren't they?)
What's more, everything will be cubes. Textured cubes, but cubes nonetheless. Will that be the final game? I hope not! But it's a start, and the best thing for motivation is to start! And to start simple!
What will I hope the game to become? Who knows, you'll see! 

This week I'm planning to actually get something started, since I already have some code half ready, I'll start with that, since it was originally supposed to be a similar game, I've already have some code to jump off of!

But anyhow, this is the small little report for this week. I'll be writing one every Monday, assuming I'm not deathly ill! And have a good time!