Sunday, 16 March 2014

Nope! Not Dead!

Sorry I haven't updated this at these last few days! Just been busy with life! Mother got some lambs... her dog died :'( amongst other things; and a little idea change...

Still a work in progress of course, but this is mostly how they'll turn out. I excluded the hands in this version...merely cause I was lazy, and they're pretty hard to do! I know they're not scanned in, don't have a scanner (though I have something that works well, sometimes) Yesterday I've made a character set for these people, their "language" per say, which can be directly translated to english, for the most part... Tomorrow I should be 3D modelling one of them and putting him into the game, and start working on some gameplay features. I might start working on the main village as well, since my "testing" land is only so good after a while!

Well, have fun, and play well!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Monday Review (at Midnight!)

Yeah, what happens when you have visitors, Minecraft, and music? You loose track of time! Anyhow, I know Technically it's Tuesday,'s Monday somewhere!!
Anyhow, what DID I do last week? Well, I've done what I wanted this month, which was to get a character up and walking around, without any silly mistakes! And thats what I've done!
A list of what actually happened:
• Got the character to move around with the Mouse. Right now you're limited at looking at his rear, I may change this later.
• Stop him from walking in the void/on water...yeah...that was a big problem...
• He swims! Kinda sorta...
The failed experiments:
• Tried to load it onto linux and play...yeah...apparently Linux and Panda3D has issues...If you can install those two together without throwing your Linux-box out the window, congrats! Thats something I don't have the patience for!
• Tried to use heightmaps, which may have been better...Panda3D does a horrible job doing them though...that and a slow job for my purposes...

Also Sunday Night I've been playing with some ideas, some character designs, what not, might upload what I have so far...Probably will...
Anyhow, this week might turn into concept week, which is perfectly okay with me, assuming I don't get company further yet...which I might...

Anyhow, without further ado, stop reading this and get back to work!! :P

Saturday, 1 March 2014

First of March. Big Overview!

I went from "I'm gonna make a game" to the start of a game. So, what is my goal for this month? Well, hopefully simple enough to do this month. The current state of the game isn't much, I do want to have a point-click-place editor in the game, for each level; maybe a way to open certain levels up. Make the game the editor as well basically. The only thing I'll want to edit outside the game would be the actual land/level, the assets, and the characters.

Some information about the game:
• The player controls a character called an Osprite. Pronounced oh-sprite.
• Walk around and explore the area, collecting crystals along the way. Crystals are used for points currently.
• All the while, beating up baddies.

So my next step? adding the Crystals! And making some feasible land.
At this rate, both of those will take mere days, so I'll be making some temp GUI for the game as well and see if I can slap it on...You'll all see later what WILL happen!

And now, I must get ready for tomorrow!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Screenshot Tuesday!

Well, I'm pretty sure people will be asking about my Screenshot, now that I have one, so here it is!
Who knows, I might make Tuesday Screenshot day?

Monday, 24 February 2014

Monday Review and First Post!!

Well, I just started this Blog! Yay for me!

This will be a development blog about my current projects. Now, to start it!

I'll be updating this every Monday, and will be reviewing what I did last week. I'll be updating my Twitter daily as well, so if you're really into following my work, Twitter will be the place to be, if you can wait every week, then follow this!

Last week was the big start of my newest project, codename Osprites (The name is from the O shaped Sprite like creatures the game features). Currently I have coded in the land, and the character into the game, and collision detection was added last night. I'll be playing around with the collision detection a bit more today, and editing the land, amongst other things. Starting March 2014, I'll be attempting to make a comic along side this, my "schedule" tells me I should have one done every Sunday, we'll have to see how that goes! If I do, I'll be uploading the comic and placing it on here Sunday afternoon.

For now, see you guys!!
(I'm setting up accounts today T.T)